About Steven


The name Steven has its origins in an ancient Greek word for surrounding and honouring. In its original form, the word could also be used to describe a group or a circle, such as a circle of friends.

I want to invite you to join Steven&Friend’s circle of highly valued friends! 

A journey with us is more than just a journey—it is to become part of a community based on kindness, honesty and authenticity.

For me, Tanzania is not just a second home. It is also an adventure to experience again and again. I want to show you what this country has to offer and give you the opportunity to experience a unique adventure that will create memories for the rest of your life.

Karibu Sana!

About the Company

Steven&Friends is an agency that helps you find great safari tours and sun holidays in Tanzania and Zanzibar. Thanks to our wide network of contacts and our long experience, we can package your dream trip. Experience the open savannah and magical wildlife and relax by the sea in beautiful Zanzibar! 

All our tour operators are professional and well-established and maintain a high level of service, and Steven&Friends is with you from start to finish and is available throughout your trip. 

We and everyone we choose to work with are environmentally and quality conscious. The resources you put into a safari trip should be a good investment.

Environmental and Social Commitment

Steven&Friends cares about the environment and want to contribute to good living conditions for people who make a living from the tourism industry or are otherwise dependent on it. 

Therefore, we choose to only work with environmentally conscious tour operators, who actively work to increase their positive impact on the environment and develop sustainable experiences for you as a traveller. These companies invest both time and money in various environmental efforts and social projects. 

Therefore, when you make a booking through us, you can be sure that your dream journey is also part of the work for a better world. You can also participate by planting a tree and thus symbolically contribute to the work, while creating a unique memory and a personal connection to the place where your tree will grow. 

A successful travel experience should be a long-lasting joy for you, for nature and for everyone involved in the place you are visiting!

How Steven&Friends Works

Step 1

You send an inquiry for one of our offers.

Step 2

We send you a quote, and you take a moment to review it.

Step 3

After conformation and satisfaction, simply proceed with your booking.

Book a time for an personal advice

Steven&Friends offers 30 minutes of free personal telephone advice when you book through us. 

Take the opportunity to get expert help with your questions and valuable knowledge before the trip. It creates security and helps you get the most out of your experience!