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The Paradise of the Elephants

The Tarangire National Park is named after the Tarangire River which flows through the park as a lifeblood.

As the only permanent source of water in the area, the river attracts large numbers of animals, especially during the dry season.

The park is best known for its elephants, which can be found here in herds of hundreds of individuals.

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resa till tarangire
resa till tarangire

Wildlife and Nature

In total, approximately 3,000 elephants live in the Tarangire Park, which extends over an area of 2,850 km2, about the same size as Luxemburg. From your elevated seat in the safari Jeep, you can watch as these giants make their way through the landscape, graze, drink water, or perhaps dig for minerals by the riverbanks. The social interaction between the different individuals of the herd is captivating, and it’s easy to get absorbed and completely forget about the time that passes.

Tarangire’s open plains and extensive woodland savannah also provide a perfect living environment for a large number of other animals. You’ll get an opportunity to see both herbivores like buffalo, giraffe, zebra, eland, impala and other antelopes, and predators like lion, cheetah and hyena.

The park also features a large number of baobab trees, which have become something of an icon for an African safari. These trees can get up to 300 years old and attain a diameter of up to 10 meters. Imagine if they could tell us what they’ve seen and been through over the years!

Visit Tarangire

When you visit Tarangire, you have a good chance of seeing all the animals associated with a classic African safari.


Tarangire is suitable both for day visits and for overnight stays at one of the lodges located inside the park. With a safari Jeep, you can easily move around between different places where you can watch animals and birds and find the best views for filming and photographing. 

You can make shorter tours with the Jeep and go for a lunch at one of the lodges, or you can bring a lunch bag and eat out in the wild. The park also offers unique experiences such as flying a hot air balloon or going on a safari after dark.

resa till tarangire

Resa till Tarangire

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