Visit Zanzibar

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The Vacation Paradise

If you enjoy the sea, beaches, sun and swimming, Zanzibar is an experience well worth a visit. This island offers an amazing scenery with kilometres after kilometres of white-sand beaches shaded by green palm trees, and a turquoise sea stretching towards the horizon as far as the eye can see. 

Here you can enjoy a lovely and relaxing holiday with sunbathing, swimming and great food.

resa till zanzibar
resa till zanzibar

Culture and History

Zanzibar is located less than 50 km off the Tanzanian coast. The island has an exciting history with influences from many different cultures as people from mainland Africa have met and mingled with Persians, Portuguese, British and Arabs. For a long time, Zanzibar was an important trade centre, with spices as one of the most important commodities. A lot of spices were also grown on the island, and even today there are fantastic spice farms that are well worth a visit. 

Five kilometres off the coast of Zanzibar lies Prison Island, or Changuu Island which is the real name. This is truly a small paradise island with fabulously beautiful nature and a large population of giant turtles. 

Visit Zanzibar

When visiting Zanzibar, you will enjoy white sand-beaches, great food and exciting adventures.


In addition to relaxation, sun, swimming and good food, Zanzibar offers historical experiences and exciting adventures. For example, you can visit the fascinating Stone Town or make an excursion to one of the famous spice farms and experience the scent of paradise. If you want to visit the giant turtles on Prison Island, you can go there by boat for a half-day trip.

With its clear waters and amazing coral reefs, Zanzibar is also a paradise for diving and snorkelling. From the small clown fish to dolphins and sea turtles, there are a host of marine animals to discover.


Visit Zanzibar


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